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Table 1 Search strategy in Ovid format, as entered into MEDLINE and Embase

From: Harnessing repeated measurements of predictor variables for clinical risk prediction: a review of existing methods

1((repeat* adj1 measure*) OR ``repeatedly-measured" OR (repeat* adj1 observ*) OR ``repeatedly-observed").ti,ab
2``time-series" OR ``time-series" OR (``longitudinal" adj2 ``data")).ti,ab
3``longitudinal" adj3 (``survival" OR ``binary")) OR ((``longitudinal" OR ``repeat" OR ``discrete") adj2 (``time-to-event" OR (event* adj2 time*)))).ti,ab
4((time-depend* OR ``time-varying" OR ``longitudinal") adj1 (coefficient* OR variable* OR covariate* OR marker* OR factor* OR observ* OR measure* OR biomarker* OR model* OR predictor*)).ti,ab
5((predict* adj1 (accurac* OR ``power" OR individual* OR ``future" OR ``time-to-event" OR (event* adj2 time*) OR ``binary")) OR ``predictive ability" OR ``predictive performance").ti,ab
6(((``predictive" OR ``prediction" OR ``prognostic") adj1 (tool* OR scor* OR ``algorithm" OR model* OR rule*))).ti,ab
7``predict" or ``predicts" or ``prediction" or ``predicting") adj2 (risk* OR ``outcome" OR ``incidence" OR ``time" OR development* OR event* OR ``disease" OR recurrence* OR ``progression" OR ``severity" OR ``achievement" OR ``status" OR ``application")).ti,ab
8((``predict" or ``predicts" or ``prediction" or ``predicting") adj3 (``mortality" OR ``survival")).ti,ab
9(``dynamic prediction" OR ``dynamic predictions" OR ``dynamic prognostic" OR ``dynamic clinical prediction").ti,ab
101 OR 2 OR 3 OR 4
115 OR 6 OR 7 OR 8
1210 AND 11
1312 OR 9