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Table 3 Acceptability of invasive urodynamics in primary care

From: Conducting invasive urodynamics in primary care: qualitative interview study examining experiences of patients and healthcare professionals

Apprehension and embarrassment: 
It was a little bit… uncomfortable at first, but I mean not greatly so… It was only two seconds… I was a little bit… nervous because I didn’t know how painful it was going to be. But it was actually… nothing like what I thought it was going to be you know. It was… a lot nicer or better… (MSP 2015, age 65)
She explained it was going to feel a bit uncomfortable when they did it, and it did, it tingled a bit but that was about it, it was very much as I expected. (MSP 1023, age 73)
No concerns at all really… I’d had that camera or catheter, or whatever you call it, in my bladder twice before. So, I, it didn’t put me off at all. (MSP 3103, age 74)
My biggest problem … I did feel embarrassed with some of the procedure, you know… [I’m] old fashioned, that’s the trouble. (MSP 1117, age 84)
If you’re male and you’ve got three women… you know it’s a bit embarrassing… I just convinced myself like you’re an old man now, you know, they see these things all the time. So I managed to rationalise that… and I realise as I get older you might have to put up with more of that stuff. (MSP 1025, age 57)
  1. MSP main study participant