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Table 4 Acceptability of invasive urodynamics in primary care

From: Conducting invasive urodynamics in primary care: qualitative interview study examining experiences of patients and healthcare professionals

They explained everything well… I thought it was quite an uncomfortable test and quite deep. But… they were very professional, the way they talked about it and dealt with it… they were friendly, they spoke to you during it, you know, you weren’t just like lay there… they tried to make you as comfortable as possible. (MSP 2002, age 55)
I found it quite easy, really, with the people I saw, you know, all the way through… That was nice not to have to worry about the people… you knew that they were explaining it to you and helping you, and guiding you, really. (MSP 3103, age 74)
I was a bit worried at the start… but the girls that did it were, made you feel at ease and were brilliant, so I didn’t really feel under any pressure. (MSP 3110, age 56)
Preference for primary care:
I [can’t] see any benefit [to having the test done in hospital], I think it was better at my doctors, it was a lot more relaxed, because obviously I knew the nurse and I knew the doctor and you know, I had chatted with them about the test. (MSP 2002, age 55)
It saved me going to hospital and… getting a taxi and one thing and another. I think that’s more why I did it sort of thing I think at the doctors rather than traipsing round the country. (MSP 3110, age 56)
It’s more personal with the doctor. And he knows your history and that. (MSP 2006, age 77)
  1. MSP main study participant