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Table 5 Feasibility of invasive urodynamics in primary care

From: Conducting invasive urodynamics in primary care: qualitative interview study examining experiences of patients and healthcare professionals

Training and support:
It was difficult to begin with and I like being challenged so that was interesting… Being able to go to the… urodynamics course was fantastic, that was really, well essential but really, really interesting and useful as well and the peer support that we get [from] the fortnightly nurse teleconferences [was] particularly useful at the beginning. (UN 506)
We had issues on our very first patient and we were lucky that we’re able to phone up… and say what shall we do about this… Having someone on the end of the line is reassuring. (UN 607)
Logistical issues:
[The equipment is] heavy. It’s really bulky. And it’s sensitive equipment as well… It’s been hard graft. You’ve got to get it all in the car, get it all out… up hills and over steps and in to little rooms. So it’s not good for the equipment. It’s not really good for my back [laughs]… It’s quite stressful… making sure I’ve got every single thing to run the test. (UN 606)
We don’t always have the most appropriate room available to us in the GP surgeries… Sometimes the rooms are tiny, and you literally are falling over each other… sometimes the electricity sockets are not in the right place, so we have to use our extension lead… there’s lots of sort of improvisation… I think we manage it quite well, but it is a challenge. (UN 607)
Difficulties receiving and using results:
You tell [patients that urodynamics] is the gold standard of investigation… And that it could help further… define what the problem is, and… target treatment a bit better… However… I’ve never had to look at… urodynamics or reports before. And therefore I feel what they’re actually getting out of it is… some half-hearted interpretation of… what might be the best management plan. So although they may be getting gold standard investigation, they’re not necessarily getting gold standard advice. (GP 604)
  1. UN urodynamic nurse, GP general practitioner